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9)    All family disputes are referred to the chief for his  judge-

w          C?

ment.   The decisioB of the chief should be implemented.

10)   Ill-treatment, cruelty and  laidellty  of spouse lias to be

brought to the chief s notice.   The chief \\lll

the culprit or impose suitable penalty.   The               of

the Chief must be implemented within the prescribed time,

11)   When a person of another village wishes to have

engagement for marriage with a local girl, lie

a messenger in advance on an earlier day                   to

buy liquor for the chief and the elders of this village to

intimate this fact and to invite all concerned               to

attend the engagement function.   The  chief

messages.   He has the   responsibility   of                    all

the concerned persons on that day so that ths eigijMmt

can formally take place.

12)   Whenever a man brings a*new wife, the            should be

notified to the chief.   The chief fixes the Kulam Tappu.

Both the bride and the bride-groom should pay this

penalty. The money is used to buy liquor for the chiefs

and elders of both villages involved.

13)   The chief    should   be   an   Intelligent             He

raise sufficient funds as Kulam Tappu to meet expenses

of the chief for msetrag officials, aai to extsad hospitality

to straagers who come to their village.

b)   Peddafu :

The Peddalu (elders) are the counsellors of  the chief in

all matters.   They are not elected; aor are they                      They

are the natural leaders   by   their  wisdom aad                      The

, who are generally ianttttat,  trust their                in   all